Assigning you to a Grey Expert

To make the Pre-Production work as easy as possible you will be assigned a Grey Expert (a person from the Grey Universe team, assigned to a single client). By working with a Grey Expert you will have intimate relations with a real human and not a board of directors to assure your stay in the Grey Universe as pleasent as possible.



Your Grey Expert will help you finish your script and idea and make it the best possible version of itself.


Location Scouting

Your Grey Expert will go trough your idea and will find the perfect locations for your project. He will get back to you with the list and photos.


Line Production

Your Grey Expert will make the schedule for the shoot. Budget your production and organize the shoot.


Cast & Crew

Your Grey Expert will take in mind your ideas for the cast and find the best possible choises for the project. He will also organize the needed professional crew.



Your Grey Expert will go though the script with the crew and get the needed equipment through our in house rental house –

What can we do?

Here at Grey Universe we can take over all of the pre-production work. From developing what your video or film is about to getting crew and equipment ready for the shooting process. 

Communication with us.

Once you are ready you will be assigned to your own Grey Expert that will handle your project. In that way you will not be handled between multiple people resulting in slowing down the production. 

What will you receive?

After assigning you to a Grey Expert together you will walk trough all the stages necessary before the shooting of your project. Together you will budget your production, chose your Location, Cast & Crew and Equipment. You will get the shooting process visualized before even stepping foot on set.
Here at Grey Universe we strive to finalize your idea as efficiently and as closely to your original idea as possible.
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